My first digital drawing

The world of different mediums are really sparking my curiosity these days.

As a result I’m suddenly in the possession of a bunch of different equipment, planning to try it out all at once…

Well, I guess I have to take it one session at a time though, and last evening I had a go at the digital world.

I recently bought the drawing program Procreate, and I just find it all-consuming when I’m entering this digital world.

My first ever digital painting was of a man I made up in my head, just wanting to get familiar with the touch of the screen and the different options available.

It ended up like this:

First digital drawing

To my huge delight I also found out that you can get a time-lapse of every drawing or painting you make, so I think it’s sure to say that making a digital painting is something that’ll happen quite soon.

So, to round up my first digital session, here’s the time-lapse video as well:

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