A pen and marker Winnie

In the recent months I haven’t had much time to do long painting sessions.

Therefore, I’ve been doing a lot more sketching and drawing in the time gaps available each day.

The other night I used about 30 minutes doing a quick pen and marker sketch. It’s based on this drawing which I found randomly on Google and got an instant urge to draw.

So I did a quick sketch with a pencil before going over it all with a Micron 0,1 mm pen.

I also added some colour to Winnie the Poohs shirt and Piglets scarf with a marker, to make it stand out a bit.

I’m quite happy with how they turned out, but the surroundings could have been better.

I especially dislike the little knoll with the trees on them. It just looks wispy..

Anyway, this is how it looked:

Winnie and Piglet

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