A broken boat in Koh Mak, Thailand

Traveling in Thailand a few years ago, we stayed for a week at the (somewhat) secluded island of Koh Mak.

Rolling around on our rental scooters, we stopped by a narrow path through some withered grass.

After following it for some minutes, down a small hill, we came down to the sea and some pretty dilapidated farm buildings.

On the grass behind it, encircled by some rusted car trailers and trees, an old boat lay broken on it’s side.

It looked like this:


As I looked over the photos from the trip, I decided this would be a nice picture to try to recreate on paper.

So I picked up a pencil, and had a go at some sketches and outlines I wanted to start out with.

Firstly, I tried to place the boat.


Afterward I tried drawing in the surroundings, adding some grass and trees, the trailers and the small hill.

On the boat itself I decided to add some wood patterns to make it look more real, which I thought ended up rather nice.


Now it was time to add some colour.

I’ve only been using watercolour from pocket boxes earlier, but last time I visited the hobby store I bought me some Van Gogh watercolour tubes.

I’ve been quite keen to try them out, and this was a brilliant opportunity to do so.

After about two hours the painting was done, and I have to say that the colours looked much more vibrant than the colours from the pocket box.

This is how it ended up:

A broken boat in Vietnam

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