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Hi, everyone! (I guess I can say that now, as I after two and a half years actually have some followers (Wuhuu!)) 🙂

I recently posted my 100th post on, which was a pretty huge deal for me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time getting this site up and running, and I finally feel that it’s starting to take the shape I want it to have.

I’ve also gotten an increase in site views and feedback the recent months, which is just terrific, so my spirits are high to say it the least.

Today though, I’ll be doing the most scary thing I’ve ever done on this site. I’m changing my primary domain and site name.

I’ve been chatting tendonitis on the support team making sure that I don’t loose either followers nor my stats doing this, and my non-primary domain will still stay the same (

So if your’re following me, you’ll only notice (hopefully) that quite soon I’ll be going by another name than I used to.

A change of name may, however, make me hard to find for potential people who are following this site through the search bar.

Simply because I’ll have to let the domain go to not be charged extra money for it. I hope as many as possible will be notified of this change though.

So why change my domain?

I like the name «paintprojectblog» quite a bit, but I’ve felt for a while that I kind of want to break free from the whole blog label.

Blogging is a big part of this site, but for the future I want it to be a general page for my thoughts and work.

I also think the name paintprojectblog can appear a bit messy when it’s all crumpled up in one word, like I use it. I originaly wanted the name «Paintproject» or «Thepaintproject» when I started out, but naturally these names were already taken.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking for a while about which name I would like to use as my new primary domain.

My plan on wordpress renews about now, so if I want to make a change without costing me extra money I need to do it now or wait for another year. So let’s just get on with it, I think!

I wanted the new name to be clean, and to say something about my personality and work. I still don’t want it to be too serious, though. Something light and easy to remember.

So I thought: I’ve always been a quiet kid, which has also followed me into my adult life. I’ve mostly kept to myself, have never liked personal attention if I can avoid it, and emotionally I rarely show either my ups or downs in any physical form.

I have been feeling a bit anxious and restlessness through the years as well, not knowing what to do with my life and kind of struggling with some personal stuff.

When I started painting though, everything of that went away. As I described in a recent post, I just get into a zone where nothing else exists but the work I’m doing.

Either if it’s just doodling, sketching or making a serious attempt on a painting I simply feel engrossed. It makes me calm and focused, even though the paintings don’t always turn out that way 🙂

So (I can’t believe how much I’ve been able to ramble on about this now, by the way..), to find a new name that I feel fulfills the requirements described, I’ve decided that my new primary domain and page name is:

Placid is described as «serenely free of interruption or disturbance», which is exactly how I feel when I pick up the brushes.

I hope you’ll stay with me for the further journey, and hope that as many people as possible will be able to still find my site.

Seriously, this actually feels terrifying doing because I’m so super proud of actually having 19 followers(!), but at least now I’ll have a name I know I’ll be comfortable with in the future and to say out loud to people (some day).

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