Just a cow being a cow

I haven’t painted or drawn a lot of animals through the years, which makes me feel very insecure about adding them into the stuff I make.

When I’ve tried to draw them, they end up just like they did in kindergarten with screwed up proportions and way to skinny legs.

So to get some practice in drawing four-legged creatures, I decided to try and draw a cow using pen and markers.

I have a tutorial book which shows how to draw both people and animals, so I used one of the examples to sketch out the proportions using a pencil.

I then went over it again using a felt pen, before adding some colour using different markers.

I think it ended up looking a lot more cartoonish than the example I used, and the grass in front is not well coloured with the marker. The rest of it went firly well though, I think.

The name of the drawing came to me quite quickly though. Because it is, really, «A cow just being a cow».

A cow just being a cow

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