Little Italy, Manhattan

Another day, another marker drawing. This time I wanted to do a version of a picture we took in Little Italy, Manhattan a few years back.

It looked like this:


There’s no doubt that the focal point in this picture is the teddy bear hanging upside down with a cloth over his/her eyes.

That was also the reason we couldn’t pass this street without taking a picture of it ourselves.

So, to start out with, I wanted to make a quick pencil sketch of the street light with all it’s components and the building in the background.

It took about 30 minutes, and ended up like this:


I then went over the lines I wanted with a felt pen, adding some shadows to the different components as well.


I think the big street sign in the bottom got a little out of proportion in regards to the rest of the drawing, but it was to late to linger on that now. It was time to put some colour on it.

So I picked up the pro markers and had a go at it, using about two hours to get all the layers done.

So, after quite a few hours over the paper, this ended up as the final result:


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