An electric line with colours

Another session done, and another drawing of an electic line is put on paper. It’s equally fun every time, even though I’ve drawn a lot of them lately. Put some birds on the lines, and the fun is complete!

This time though, I wanted to add some colours to it. I’ve done a couple of drawings lately where the electric line is in center, but only using the felt pen to add some shadows to it.

I think it makes a cool look, but there is something much more lively in adding some colour.

So this time I drew up an electric line, getting some inspiration from a photo on google. It ended up like this:


I was actually pretty pleased with it, and wondered if it would be a mistake to add some markers to it.

I decided to defy my fears though, and am glad that I did. Using pro markers I added some brown to the poles, and gave each bird a different colour.

It was basically ten minutes work, but I think the result made a pretty huge effect. It looked like this:


A day later I ended up framing it in a cheap frame I bought a while back. So now it sits on my painting desk looking like this:


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