A tree in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A few years ago, we went traveling for seven weeks in South East Asia. One of the places we visited was the temple complex Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The place was packed with temples and monuments, so we barely got to see all the different areas in the day we spent there.

I have loads of pictures from that day though, and decided I would have a go at one of them in my latest session.

I chose a picture of an old ruin with a tree growing directly on top of it. I remember I got really fascinated by it, as I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Well, you can see for yourself. This is how it looked:


So I picked up my felt pen, and started out by drawing the perspectives of the buildings and roofs.

I wanted to make it out as real as possible on the paper, but as I started drawing I soon saw that it was not going to end up like that.

Somehow it became more and more like a fictional drawing, with the tree ending up with some kind of cartoonish look. Like this:


I’m not hating it, but I guess I have a ambivalent feeling about it. Especially the roots of the tree looks very unnatural.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put some colour on it or not, but it sure was a fun experience though. And I’m quite happy about the roof.



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    1. I agree about the tree, Michele, and thank you for the comment!☺ As I made it I got very disappointed with the way the roots turned out, which gave me an ambivalent feeling about the whole thing. So I just ended the session without doing more work on it. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later to do some adjustments using a fresh eye ☺

  1. I like your ‘fictional’ version a lot! Especially I love circular spots of the tree!!!, and these little birds all around 🙂 It’s a great drawing.

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