A stroke of colour

In my last few posts, I’ve been trying to draw back some memories from different travels through recent years.

Basically by going through my photo albums, and picking out some favourites to try and recreate in my own style (or in my best abilities, that is..).

One of the photos I decided to having a go at, was a colourful restaurant in Cozumel, Mexico. It looked like this:

The whole building was so packed with colours that I simply had to try and paint it as well. I’m fairly new to using watercolours, so I rarely feel that I’m getting the full effect out of the medium. But I guess practise makes (closer to) perfect.

Anyway, when I decided to add some colour to the pen drawing, I wanted to make the colours as close to the real thing as possible. So I started with the pavement, made it over to the skyline (which ended up more blue than cloudy, simply becuse I anticipated that it was blue instead of actually looking at the picture), and ended with the bulding itself.

I have to admit I could have put some more time into blending the colours just right. But I got so excited I just went into a hasty flow.

So, this is how it ended up:

A Mexican fiesta

A comparison:

The second drawing I wanted to get some colour on, was my take on an chaotic looking (but really cool) treehouse from a travel in Vietnam.

I thought the whole look of it was quite fascinating, but as I did’nt have a lot of time to draw it, I decided to go with a quite simplified version of it. It looked like this:

Most of the time went into making all the lines on the tree and the details on the treehouse itself. Just to get some life into it. But as you can see, the drawing does not make the photo much justice.

Anyway, picking out the brushes, I decided that I wanted to add some natural colour to this one. I simply wanted to get the whole «tree-vibe» out of it.

So I just went with some different shades and mixes of brown and sienna, really, and just let the colours flow.

This is how it ended up:

A treehouse in Vietnam

A comparison:

All in all a very fun session. But there is still a long way to go regarding my abilities to capture a scene.

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