A treehouse in Vietnam

Traveling in South East Asia a few years ago, we came over a real chaotic looking treehouse in Vietnam.

It may have been as stable and solid as any other treehouse you’ll find, but I did’nt really get the urge to try and climb up to it (and I don’t know if it was allowed either).

The look of it were really fascinating though. There were branches going in all directions, and it was quite hard to see where the tree ended and the house startet at some points.

You can look for yourself, as I took a photo of it:


Looking back on the photo, I got a real urge to try and draw it.

But, as I don’t have the skills to draw an actual replica of the photo, I decided to make my own version of it. Something more straightforward and easier to grasp.

So I picked up my felt pen, and had a go at it. The result came out like this:


As you can see, it’s a lot less complicated. But I kind of got the same vibe from this one as from the actuall tree house we photographed.

I added some details on the stem of the tree to get it to look more lively. I also tried to add some details to the wood on the treehouse, to make it look a little more worn down than the way it came out to start with.

The bottom of the house should have a lot darker colour though, as it kind of seems that the floor is missing on this one…

Anyway, I guess I’ll add a stroke or two of watercolour later on, but, as time was up for this sessions, I ended it feeling quite pleased with the result.


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