A Mexican Fiesta!

I’ve been really into drawing sketches from real life lately. It’s so much fun to restore old memories with your own pen, and extremely challenging to get it all looking right.

Just the simple process of making the perspectives right, or to put the right things into the correct layer, can be a real struggle if you loose your concentration for a minute. I guess that means it’s real good training, though.

Well, I decided to have a go at another Mexican scene. In form of a lively restaurant in Cozumel we visited about one and a half year ago.

So lively indeed that the waiter brought us our nachos with a siren on his head, screaming out the words “mucho caliente!”.

Well, in retrospect, it may not have been an authentic Mexican restaurant, as I don’t see all the waiters in Mexico do this to the locals serving food. Tourist trap might be a more suitable word for it, as there also came five guitarists to our table playing to us as we ate.

It still was a really fun experience though, as the place were so full of energy. Everybody were smiling, and the food was really good. There also were colours everywhere, both on the restaurant itself and the adjoining buildings.

I tried to recreate all this in a sketch I did some days ago, but I see now that my next step probably would be to add a stroke of watercolour to it.

Anyway, the place looked like this:


And my sketch ended up like this:


Not exactly a replica. But I had a lot of fun drawing it, getting all the colours, smells and music back in my mind as I did. I think it turned out alright!

5 kommentarer om “A Mexican Fiesta!

  1. Looks good. I would have liked to see a figure or two in the foreground, as in the photo. The empty space of the sidewalk says “empty” and you are trying to describe a crowd. But you are really on a good track here. Simplify if you can for impact. very cool.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Michele ☺ I see what you mean about the sidewalk. It’s a lot of grey there ☺ I guess I got a little scared about adding more people, as this is something I don’t feel very confident about drawing. But no guts no glory, I guess ☺ I’ll keep it all in mind for next time ☺

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