An abandoned discoteca in Mexico

As you may, or may not, have noticed, I tried painting a roofless house from Cozumel, Mexico a few posts ago.

As I wrote in the post, Cozumel is one of the most colourful places I’ve ever visited. There were things to photograph at every street corner, which means that there were a lot to try painting when I came home.

One of the coolest buildings we passed, was this abandoned discoteca. It looked like this:


I think the facade, with the walls tore down in the background, was remarkably cool. So it was quite easy finding time to sit down with a pen and brush afterwards, and try to recreate it.

I used a 0,1mm felt pen to draw the outlines of the buildings, pavement and power lines, adding some details at the end. It ended up like this:

Discoteca, Mexico

The perspective is a little off, I think. Basically because I decided to wing it rather than actually following the rules of perspectives. I don’t know if it ruins it for people or not, but I should have put more thought in it than I did.

On the other hand, I’m quite happy with the view through the left window. I decided to add an old washing machine, to make it even more deserted than it already was. I also put some grass and weed coming up among the pavement.

With the sketch done, it was time to put in some colour. In my last painting from Mexico I got so excited I forgot to use the right colours on the buildings, so I decided to at least try and make a better job at it this time.

I wanted a clear blue sky, popping green grass and a nice pink/orange building. So I picked up the brushes, and had a go at it. After about two hours work, sketch and painting included, this was the final result:

Discoteca, Mexico

It’s not excactly a replica, but at least I had a lot of fun making it! 🙂

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  1. ah, thats a really good idea. I think grass, trees (anything green !) are some of the hardest subjects to tackle and can really make (or break!) a painting. Its easy to over-work them too, then they can look a bit dead and loose their freshness. It shows that you had fun with this painting, it was a tricky scene, so well done ! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more !

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