Drawing hands is hard…

So I’ve recently been reading a tutorial book, with tasks and guidance to become a better painter and drawer.

In the section about drawing people, you get challenged to try drawing hands. Not just the same hand over and over again, but small hands, big hands, coarse hands, delicate hands, old hands and young hands.

It looks fearly manageable, but man it’s hard to get it to look right!

I’ve been doing the trick about making the hand into smaller basic shapes, and go on from there. But it’s still hard to hit all the angles in the right way, and to get the hand gestures your trying to convey.

There is some progress though, so I guess it’s all about keeping up the practicing. Anyway, this is some of the outcomes from my first session of drawing hands:

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  1. I agree, drawing hands is hard. It amazes me that hands are pretty big. You can hold your hand up in front of your face, and it covers your face. big. I know people have small hands and big hands but the scales gets distorted when we draw.

    1. Tell me about it, Michele! 🙂 I actually read what you said about a hand covering your whole face, and it just baffled me. I had to try it on my own face to believe it 🙂 But practice make perfect, I guess 🙂

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