Sketchings from Cozumel, Mexico

As I’ve learned in the recent weeks, sketching real life people and buildings are much harder than sketching by imagination.

There is something about getting the movements, perspectives and proportions right that can be a bit baffling sometimes.

So, I figured that is something I should do more of. How else would you get better at it, right?

Well, to make it all a bit more interesting (and easy to manage), I decided to start sketching scenes from my travels the recent years. It’s fun to look back at the photos, and I really get to relive the feelings being there as the sketching goes along.

The first one I did is from Cozumel, Mexico, which is one of the most colourful places I’ve ever visited. There were exciting buildings and sceneries everywhere you looked, and one of them were a roofless house with a tree growing out of it.

It looked like this:

Roofless house in Cozumel, Mexico

Pretty cool, right? So, I started by doing some pencil sketches, to see if the perspectives and proportions came out right.

When it looked ok, I drew in the lines I liked best with a marker pen, before removing the remaining pencil lines with an eraser. This being done, I had this piece of paper in front of me:

Drawing from Cozumel, Mexico

As you can see, the wall of the house behind the tree is still visible. This was a mistake, but I’ve come to term with the fact that it’s part of the whole sketch now. Maybe also liking it a bit, to be honest.

I added some graffiti of my own to the walls, just playing around with it, and did a few twerks to the scenery to have some fun.

This being done, it was time to add some watercolour. I decided I would make out the colours as I went along, not being tied to the real life painting but doing my own thing. This may have disrupted the whole idea of painting based on real life scenes, but I just got to excited…

After about an hour of painting, this was the finished product:

Cozumel, Mexico Sketch

A comparison:

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    1. Hi, Roger! I did build up my posts like that for a while. I don’t really know why I stopped, because it’s a nice way to present new pieces. Maybe I’ll do another post like that again, though. Thank you for the feedback 🙂

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