Dancing around with anatomy

As a way of becoming a better painter and drawer, I bought some tutorial books to study. One of the assignments in the books is to draw people dancing.

By catching a moment of a dance, you need to get the movements of their body right. It becomes really clear if you mess it up, since the whole body usually gets pretty unproportional.

Anyway, since nobody was dancing anywhere in my nearest surroundings, I decided to use a photograph I took on a trip to America four years ago.

Walking around in Central Park, New York, we came over a huge group of people dancing together on a big, open space in the middle of the park. Just people coming together to dance with each other, not knowing one another beforehand.

So, I decided to use a photo of a woman in a pink dress, dancing around with a man in a yellow shirt. I thought their movement, especially the one of the woman, was an interesting and challenging one to try and catch on paper.

So this is the picture, and how the sketch turned out:

I think it went ok, but there is A LOT to keep working on. And by the way, I don’t know how the guy ended up having the worlds biggest nostril…. 🙂


4 kommentarer om “Dancing around with anatomy

    1. Hi Agnès ☺ Thank you very much. I do my best 😊 I thought your sketches were lovely. I want to sketch real life people to one day, when I’ve gained some more confidence. Until then I’ll admire work like yours 😊

  1. Hi Kim, thank you so much for visiting my Blog! I hope you like my Art and enjoyed my watercolors! Keep up with your nice paintings, I like your «Green River» oil painting is really nice! Also keep up with all the other mediums and first of all enjoy the process and keep painting what your heart feel! Cheers, Carolina

    1. Hi Carolina!☺ I did enjoy your art. You are very talented!☺ I appreciate your interest in my page, and your kind words. I only did oil paintings for about two and a half years, before starting using other mediums as well. I hope it will make me more of an allrounder ☺ I will keep it up, and hope you will to 😊

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