«I’m talkin’ about like a big bear»

Sorting out some storage boxes in the attic, I came over this old, illustrated version of «The Jungle Book».

It was quite fun to read again, but most of all I enjoyed all the cool illustrations in it. So I decided to have a go at some of them myself.

I first chose one where Baloo teaches Mowgli to growl like a big bear, as I thought the grimace of both their faces was very interesting. So I sat down with the book in front of me and had a go at it by free hand.


First I did a pencil sketch of the outlines, trying to make the sizes fit, and getting the expressions of their faces right.

I then did the contouring with a 0,1 mm drawing pen.

The colours are added by Pro Markers, testing out the colours on the paper before deciding which to use, as you can see in the top left corner.

I think it came out really nice. The left leg of Baloo got a little to small I think, but apart from that I am quite pleased.

I'm talkin' about like a big bear


The second one was an illustration of Shere Khan lurking in the bushes (I used the same technique on all the sketches):

A lurking Shere Khan


The third one was an illustration of Kaa the snake holding Mowgli in it’s grip:

Kaa the snake


And the last one is a dancing session in the jungle with Mowgli and an ape:

Dancing in the jungle


I really enjoyed making them all, and in time there might just be a couple more 🙂

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  1. For some strange reason, I’ve been getting loads of notifications about posts you posted several years ago. Maybe because I reinstalled WordPress? Anyway, it gave me a very nice opportunity to see your earlier drawings and watercolors. So much to see and an interesting journey to follow. What will be next? 😊

    1. I’m very glad you think so. I think I just – by mistake – republished every single post I’ve made on wordpress 🙈🙈 It seems everyone who follows me has gotten loads of spam about «new posts»…. I’m glad you enjoyed it though. 🙂

      1. 😂😂😂 Så det var det det var. Jeg lurte på det, men tenkte at nei, det har han sikkert ikke gjort. Da fikk du i alle fall folk til å se på poster de ellers ikke ville ha sett. 😃🙈Hmmmm kanskje jeg skulle ha gjort det samme.🤪😇.

  2. Nice drawings. I always enjoyed the Disney animated Jungle Book movie. The cartoon series TailSpin from the 1990s was a favorite of mine growing up. TailSpin is very loosely based on the characters from the Jungle Book. The actual Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling contains some amazing writing.

    1. Thank you David! There was a lot of old of memories coming back when I found the book, which made it even more fun to work with 🙂 I was also a big supporter of Tailspin, and of course the Ducktales 😉

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