A bird and a boat

I’ve had a lot of fun lately trying to paint living motives like people or animals. Both elephants, flamingos, woman and children have been brought to life, with varying luck. There’s one more motive I’ve really been keen to try out, though; A bird.

I’ve been wanting to paint a big bird, like an eagle or a falcon, but today I went with a small one. I’ve been seeking some inspiration on google, and found a real pretty one with a big orange breast. I don’t know what kind of bird it is, but I assume it is a redbreast.

So, a while ago, with no plan actually, I filled up a small canvases with a mix of emerald green, titanium white, sap green and some ivory black. Just rubbing it all in with my fingers. It had been drying up for some weeks when i picked it up again today, so it was really nice to get going on.

To start out I made the outline of the bird using a mix of raw umber, titanium white, ivory black and ultramarine blue. I made out the head, body and legs first, and then did the next coating of feathers using ultramarine blue, titanium white and a dash of ivory black.

For the breast I used titanium white, yellow ochre and burnt sienna, making out different areas with different mixes of colours, before blending it up using small strokes with a small round brush.

The legs are a mix of ivory black, raw umber and titanium white, and the tree trunk beneath likewise.

After finishing it all up, and putting in a lot of meaningless detail work at the end (which made no real contribute at all), it was time to end. This is how it looked:


Another pre-painted canvas I had lying around, was made out with a mix of turquoise blue and titanium white.

I figured that looked a lot like water, so I decided to end the session by painting a moored dinghy. I tried to focus on the reflections in the water, and to make out the dinghy in a correct angle. I guess it looked ok, but I have a way to go making it all look completely right. The buoy does not look good, for example. Just flat.

This is how it looked:


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