A Stormy Shore

I’ve really been into abstract painting lately. Maybe it’s because it feels a bit more free than the detail work of a landscape painting. Or the fact that a lot of times it ends up looking quite a bit better as well. To my great frustration it often seems to be the paintings I spend less time on that ends up looking the best.

Anyway, today was another abstract day, and I wanted to paint a shore line with a lot of waves crashing in on some large rocks. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve bought quite a few tubes of colours like turquoise blue and emerald green over the years, but I often end up not using them as they don’t really mix naturally with the colours I usually use. But, as this was another abstract, it was clearly the time to pick them up again.

Basically everything on the canvas is painted on with a palette knife, starting with the stormy sky. Here I simply dragged mixes of turquoise blue, emerald green, ultramarine blue and titanium white onto the canvas using sideway strokes.

For the big wave in the back I used a small flat brush to fill in the outline of the rising water, before I added the clean titanium white with a palette knife for the foaming water in top.

In the foreground I filled the canvas with different mixes of the sky colours, before i added the rocks using ivory black mixed with a dash of titanium white.

I then highlighted the rocks with some white and yellow ochre, before I dabbed in some foam on the water crust using clean titanium white.

Another session done. This is how it looked:



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