Speed painting tuesday

As I bought new canvases last week, I decided to pick up some additional small ones (about 12cm x 12cm) to try out some speed painting.

I’ve noticed, to my slight frustration, that I usually need at least four hours per session to be able to finish a painting for each sit down.

And, as I really like to finish at least one painting per session, what could be better than to be able to make out a quick speed painting in the start or the end of the more time consuming ones.

So I decided to paint a series of ocean inspired paintings. I used my fingers and a small palette knife to make them all, finishing them off by adding some bright colours to make them a bit more abstract and interesting.

I think the common denominator for them all are rocks and water. It was quite fun to be able to produce paintings in such a fast rate, so it will definitely be a regular feature in future sessions. This is how they looked:

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