Big city lights

To get away from all the trees and forests for a while, I decided to try and paint some big city lights for a change.

So I did some research on Youtube, and decided to try out a pretty cool tutorial video from Kevin Hill.

The video shows a city shore line at dusk, with reflections shining from the water below. To try and get it all right, I basically just did what Kevin told me through the video.

For the city lights in the background, I used a mix of cadmium yellow, permanent red violet and titanium white. For the outlines of the canvas I just used a basic mix of ivory black and some titanium white, painting it all in with a two inch brush.

After covering the canvas with the background paint, I made a cut halfway down where the city would meet the water below. I used another mix of ivory black and titanium white for the buildings, painting them in with a smaller, thinner flat brush.

I decided to paint the buildings on without any pre-drawn sketches, painting in the reflections with a lighter paint mix below. This made it a bit difficult to get all the buildings straight and accurate, which can be detected if you look closely.

I also made some alterations on the building in the end of the session, but forgot to do them in the reflections as well. So you may also notice that there are some details in the water that may not match the real buildings by the shore line.

To get the office lightings on the buildings, I made a mix og cadmium yellow and titanium white and just pushed the paint in with a paint-filled flat brush. I then did the same thing onto the reflections, but with a lighter colour mix.

Anyway, the tutorial tells you all you need to know if you want to paint it. For me, this is how it looked:



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