A palette knife palm tree

Spring is approaching, so what could be better than the attempt of painting a warm and windy palm tree?

I’ve been trying to paint palm trees earlier, but just couldn’t find a good technique to get the leaves right.

In this attempt, I wanted to see if using a palette knife could make the result look any better. I therefore painted a green, and maybe kind of misty, background using a blend of sap green, titanium white and some sky blue. Basically putting it on using my fingers with a horizontal movement.

To make the stem of the tree, I mixed together three different blends of raw umber, titanium white and yellow ochre, putting them on layer by layer with a small palette knife to try and give it some lifelike lighting.

I then used the knife to put in some coconuts on the top of the stem, which you may see in a small section between the leaves if you look closely, darkening the stem mix with some more raw umber.

To make the leaves themselves, I started by painted in some strokes with a small brush to establish which direction the different leaves where headed.

I then made different blends of sap green, cadmium yellow and titanium white and just kind of twisted the paint onto the canvas with a swirling motion. Like making a U-turn away from the baseline.

After putting in the dark blend I went on to the lighter ones, and hopefully where able to make some sort of lifelike tree.

This is how it looked:


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