Snowy Pines

To get a little break from the people-painting, and to accommodate all the snow outside in the garden, I recently did my first snowy painting in a long while.

The technique I was really eager to learn about, was the effect of putting bright, white snow on top of some pine branches. I´ve seen it beeing done in several tutorial videos on Youtube, so it was time to see if I could get some of the results as well.

I started by painting in a cold, dark skyline using a mix of sky blue, ultramarine blue, ivory black, titanium white and a dash of turquoise blue, putting it one the canvas with my fingers in horizontal lines.

I then used the sky mix, adding on a lot of titanium white and some more ultramiarine blue, to use as a snowy field below. Adding the mix on with my fingers using the same technique as with the skyline.

This beeing done, it was time to put in some pine trees. So I picked up a fan brush, and made some outlines of bare tree trunks to stand in the background. I then used the tip of the brush to dab in some branches on the naked trunks. Basically like Bob Ross is doing in this video.

For the tree mix, I used some umbra nature, ivory black and a dash of sap green. I then took some titanium white, mixed up with a small amount of the snow mix, and just dabbed it onto the branches in the same way i did with the dark mix. Whiping of the paint and putting on fresh one for each refilling of paint on the brush.

I then did the same thing over again when i put to snowy pines in front of the painting, to stand in the center. Here I also made some shadows in the snow, using the dark mix blended with some more titanium white.

And this is how it looked:


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