A girl in a big dress

In the series of «painting people from angles that are easier to manage to kind of get away with it and not screw it all up», I did another one today where I painted a girl with her back to the viewer.

As I still don’t feel confident enough to try and paint peoples faces, this seemed like another step towards daring it and at the same time learn some new skills in painting humans.

I decided to go for a woman in a white dress on a sunny day, making her way through a cornfield. For the sky I used a mix of Sky blue and titanium white, and a small amount of ultramarine blue. For the far away mountains I used different mixes of ivory black, umbra nature, titanium white and ultramarine blue.

For the cornfield I lay a base layer consisting of sap green, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow and titanium white, painting in different mixes with a flat brush. I then used a small round brush to paint in separate straws in different colours of green, yellow and white.

For the girl I used a palette knife, putting in a mix of pure titanium white and a mixture of titanium white and sky blue for the dress. For the skin I used some raw umber, lightened up with titanium white. For the hair I used a dark mix of umbra nature, making some highlight colours to put on top after figuring out the shapes of it all.

That being done, I did some last touches with a small round brush. I then painted in some straws in front of the girl, to kind of place her out in the field. This is how it turned out:


I think it turned out quite good, but it kind of bugs me that the dress seems to be a little to big for her body. I don’t know if that’s a problem or not.

Anyway, to get rid of some leftover paint, I also did a speed painting showing a plain field. Just keeping everything simple and clean, really.

It consisted of a skyline made out of sky blue and a lot of titanium white, and some trees, bushes and a plain field mostly consisting of sap green with different mixes of titanium white. This is how it looked:


All in all an okay day.

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