A Day In The Park

Suddenly, as always, another afternoon had went by sitting at my painting table. This time I wanted to try and paint some people again.

I have tried painting humans before, but, as this is kind of scary area to go into (being the increased possibility of failing badly), I’ve either been painting them from afar or from behind, like this:

I still didn’t feel confident enought to try and paint details like eyes and noses though, or even hands and feet for that matter. But I had a feeling I might be able to pull of a more rough manufacturing of some friends in a park, using just a palette knife.

But first I had to paint in a blue skyline with some clouds, using ultramarine blue and titanium white. After fluffing it all together with a flat brush, I used different mixes of sap green, titanium white and cadmium yellow to make out the trees, bushes and grass in the park. Just dabbing it all in using a filbert brush and a round brush.

This being done, I took some unmixed titanium white and just made out the outlines of one persons back and another persons profile sitting in the grass together. Putting in some more paint in a motion which made them look as natural as possible. I then touched in some hands and faces on them using a mix of yellow ochre and titanium white. For the hair I made out a light and dark mix to separate them a bit.

This is how it looked:


I feel it is kind of a cowardly move to not try and paint in some more details on them, but I have to say that I am very pleased with the result. The white colour make them stand out, and I think, my skills taken in hand, that this result turnes out better than it would have if I set to work trying to paint in more information. It sure got my hopes up in regard of trying it all out on a later point, though.

Well, the canvas weren’t all that big, and I still had a good bunch of time at my hands, so I figured it was time to try and make some more paintings while I was in the flow. I could see that there were a lot of half empty colour tubes I would be able to finish of, so I decided to try and paint another colourful skyline.

This time I dabbed in a mixture of pretty clear colours on different spots on the canvas, using ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, sap green, sky blue, transparant red medium, permanent red violet and titanium white.

I then blended it all together a bit, fluffing over the canvas with a flat brush. Afterwards I laid a new layer of titanium white over it all, representing some clouds to kind of separate all the colours from each other. After going over that layer with a flat brush as well, this is how it ended up:


I think it turned out quite well, but it was all done pretty fast. So I thought maybe there were time for a third and last painting of the day.

Canvases having their cost, so I decided I would try and paint something that required a bit more time than the last one. I went with the idea of a mountain field with some trees and a river coming through.

Well, for the sky and clouds I used a mix of ultramarine blue, sky blue and titanium white. Beneath I used a light mix of titanium white and ivory black to paint in some distant mountains. Underneath i dabbed in some far away trees using a small round brush with a mixture of sap green and titanium white.

I then used a fan brush to paint in a light, grassy field. Dabbing in a mix of sap green, titanium white and cadmium yellow to make some shadows and highlights. For the trees and bushes I used the same colour mix, and a mix of ultramarine blue, titanium white and turquoise blue for the river. For the rocks I used a dark mix of titanium white and ivory black, highlighting it with a lighter mix using a palette knife.

This is how it looked:


All in all a good day. And the time sure flows by 🙂

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