A Day of Greens

As another Sunday arrived, it was time to pick up the brushes again. This time I planned to travel away from the shores, and into the grassy fields.

Since I often try to paint shorelines or different shapes of the sea, I naturally run low on colours like blue, white, black and yellow ochre from time to time.

Since I’ve also bought a good share of paint through different colour-packages, my collection of colours like green and yellow are naturally, in contrast, pretty substantial.

So I decided to do something about that. Firstly by trying to paint a pretty simple cornfield in daylight.

This basically consisted of a cloudy sky, some distant forest and a big yellow cornfield. For the sky i used a mix of sky blue and titanum white, just using plane white paint for the clouds, and closing it all up by fluffing it together a bit with a flat brush.

For the forest in the background I dabbed in the paint with a filbert brush, using different mixes of sap green and titanium white.

Then came the big yellow cornfield, which consisted of cadmium yellow, sap green and titanium white in different blendings. Really just stroking it in with a bright brush to get a clean surface.

This is how it looked:


The canvas weren’t that big though, so there were still time to do another painting afterwards. And this one was going to be all about the greens. Set in night time. Deep in the forest. Looking up through some towering trees.

I started by blending in a mix all over the canvas using a flat brush, consisting of cadmium yellow, sap green, titanium white and sky blue.

I then used a round brush to dab in the tree tops , using a darker mix of sap green and ivory black. I then blended it in a bit with the backgorund using a clean flat brush.

For the ending, I wanted to get something up in the sky. I don’t know what it is exactly, but something that would attract attention and wonder. You can decide for yourself.  This is how it looked:


Afterwards i got a bit carried away, and tried to paint a cow using just a palette knife. That turned out just horrific, so i threw it away and decided to call it a day. All in all, a fun day though 🙂

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