A Grassy Mountain

For a long time I’ve been using other peoples paintings as inspiration for my own ones. But now, for once, I decided to use an actual photography I’ve taken myself. It shows a grassy mountain during summer, plunging down into the sea. Like this:


The scary thing about painting real life landscapes, is that a bad painting of one just looks a lot more bad than a painting based on another painting. There are just a lot more details to make it all wrong.

I therefore tried to play it just a bit safe by not painting in all the actual details from the photo. For example by painting in some more mountains on the horizon, and removing some of the headlands. This is how it looked:


As I went on, I could see that the actual shapes and rock formation from the photo did’nt turn out the way they were supposed to on the canvas. It just looks kind of distorted.. So I left it. Let it dry, and came back to it a couple of weeks later. To try to make something decent out of it.

I basically went over the whole painting one more time. Adjusting the colours and shapes, and making it a bit smoother. I realized that it would’nt end up looking that much like the photo, but at least it could be a pinting inspired by it. After crossing the finish line, this is how it ended up:


Conclusion: It is still harder to base a painting on a photo. It did’nt end up the way i thought it would, but better than my last try. So that’s good.

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