Something Abstract

After two years attempting to paint landscape paintings, I guess it was time to try something new. It started with a bad attempt at a sunset painting, using different colours than I normally do.

It did´nt go well though. So to try and save the money used on the canvas, and the money lost in all the paint beeing scraped of it, I had a go at a more abstract painting.

I usually use a lot of «nature colored» paint, like sap green, raw umber, sky blue and burnt sienna. To make a clear contrast, I made full use of my bursting tubes of colours like emerald green, permanent red violet, turquoise blue and cadmium yellow.

The skyline actually came out of scraping a lot of used paint of the canvas, beeing left with the basic colour tones to do some final cloud work. The bottom, which in my mind are mountains, is based on just getting a lot of strong colours on the canvas to compliment the sky.

It was a fun painting to work with. I will definately keep on doing my landscape paintings, but this may be a new style to spark up the colours in between the nature sessions.

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