First Palette knife painting

I have used palette knifes a lot lately. But mostly as a tool to scrape mountains onto the canvas, and try to put some snow on them. Primarily by using the Bob Ross-method, as shown in this Youtube-clip.

As I was struggling with a mountain painting, I ending up painting over the whole canvas with some black paint in frustration. Just to let all my trubles disappear. and let it lie there to dry for a couple of days. When I picked up the pencils again, I decided it might be time to try and use my palette knifes in a different way.

I had decided to try to paint a boat in some ruff, dark sea. I looked at some tutorial videos on how to do it, but I didn´t really master the techniques. So in the end, I turned it all off, and just had a go at it with my knives.

After painting in the skyline with some brushes, I carved in the outlines of the boat. I then made som different colors to use on the bow and stern, and the sails. Except for starting out with a black canvas, and the clouded skyline, all the painting is «scraped» on to the canvas with knives.

With the sails I used a long knife, and just made a curved motion with some titanium white paint on it. Much like painting a waterfall. On the bow and stern, I used short, diagonal motions with the knife, different colors on different parts of it. All of them combined by the colors umbra nature, ivory black and titanium white.

The sea is painted on by using half circle strokes with sky blue, ultramarine blue, titanium white and emerald green.

This is how it looked:


It was a really fun experience, and I will definitely try it again soon.

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