Sunset flying

I wanted to try out some new colors for a change, and decided that a sunset painting might be the way to go. So i picked up some red, yellow, white and black, and had a go at it.

First I painted the background, with a clean orange canvas and a bright sun in the middle of it. After I had let it dry, I decided to try to paint in some clouds.

I think I got a little ahead of myself though, becouse the red colors for the clouds came out way to strong, and the brush I used were probably way to big. So it all ended up more like clots of paint then nice, smooth, clouds or fog.


Anyway, I at least got to paint some silhouettes, which was one of mye goals for this one. I had decide to go with a flying goose in the senter of the painting, in front of the sun, and all in all the I think the goose itself turned out quite nice.

The problem is just the rest of the painting, but I guess it has some charm in the way it lookes really home made.

The black «fog» at the bottom of the painting is actually a go I had at another goose, flying right under the first one. But as it turned out quite bad, I dragged it out using a paint brush, to look more like a dark cloud.


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