A redo

So i painted this painting a week ago:

I think it turned out alright, but there is still a lot of things that could have been better. The one thing that stands out in my view, is the river bank on the left side. The little tree and the bushes did not turn out well at all, and the colors are probably a little to week as well.

So I picked up my brushes, and had a go at a little redo. This is how it went:

I basically used a technique where i mixed up three colors: A dark green one, where I used a mix of ivory black and sap green. A lighter version, where I added some titanium white, and a light mixture of sap green, titanium white and yellow. By first dabbing in the dark colors, then the lighter version and at last the light mixture, I think it added a lot more volume to the growth.I also made some adjustments at the opposite banks and on the one in front, and painted in a rock formation.

All in all I think it was a redo that worked out well, although I still have a lot of improvements in my technique to keep working on.

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