Sea breeze

After watching another tutorial video on YouTube, this time by Wilson Bickford painting really cool waves, I wanted to copy the achievement.

So this is how it ended up:


Since Bickford only shows the technique of painting waves on a already painted background in the video, I kind of painted my own backround based on yhe look of his one. With a blend of cerulean blue and white for the skyline, and a blend of ultramarine blue, sap green, black and white for the sea.

I´m very pleased with this one, and it´s all thanks to a very good tutorial from mr. Bickford. A great way to learn to construct the anatomy of waves, which works on both small and big proportions.

I can see that it may be missing something in terms of something to catch the center of the painting. Maybe a boat of some kind, or a bird flying by real close.

That may cause me to pick it up again for a last session, but for today, with the time I had available and the end result, I kind of want to just leave it as it is.

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