Tropic summer

After beeing away for two weeks on a cruise in Central America I´ve gotten a lot of sun on my skin. It was therefor a big change to come back home to cold Norway, where the sun goes down at 3 pm in the afternoon.

So to take me back to the sunny continent for some hours, I tried painting a hidden, tropical beach. Much like on the islands of Jamaica and Haiti. So here is the result:


Apart from the upper side of the ocean, between the big wave and the skyline, I´m very pleased with it. I used my fingers to paint in the skyline, and a filbert brush to paint in the sea with various shades og blue. The two big waves are painted with a flat brush in some darker colors, and I used a fan brush to paint in the breakings.

For the trees and bushes in the bottom I used a round brush to bump in the formations with some black paint, and then a sponge to dot it all in with different blends of green. A very fun technique to try out.

To get it all a little more tropical and exuberant I made the grass go all the way down to the sandy beach, mixing it in with the wet sand.

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