Blue mountains

Since I´ve been away on vacation for some weeks, I was eager to get back on track with my brushes this weekend.

Seeing that I had a lot of blue paint left in my paintbox, I figured I should start off putting it all to use. So I decided to paint a cold, calm and icy night, with a blue evening shade. This was also a possibility to get some training in painting reflections, in the form of the reflections of the mountains in a very calm lake.

In retrospect I could have painted in some breakings in the water to make it more clear which side was up and which was down, but in a way I found it cooler to just leave it as it was. As a completely calm, blue evening. So, anyway, this is the outcome:


The color could have been sharper, to make it all pop out a bit more out of the frame.

I guess it all turned out a little faint, but all in all i´m generally pleased with the reflections and the rock formations.

An ok painting that could´ve been better, would be the proper description to sum it all up.

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