Showable or horrible?

I am really struggling deciding if this one is worth showing off, or just being a horrible painting.


It´s definitely not my best effort, in spite of using a solid amount of time on it. In that sense, I´m a little disappointed.

However, I´ve really been struggling for quite some time with making realistic paintings that are supposed to show off a realistic, detailed landscape in broad daylight. As I´ve mentioned before, I think some of the reason lies in not using enough time blending the colors right. I guess I also need to take some more time in making the details right, and not convince myself that a painting needs to be done in just one day.

It´s also becoming more clear that the less detailed your painting is, the more realistic it actually looks. Which I, starting up painting, believed would be the other way around. One of the examples the way I see it, is this painting from about three weeks ago:


The only real details painted on it, is the lighting of the trees/bushes and some of the clouds.

It still worked out a lot better than todays painting though. Which will be todays lesson learned, I guess.

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