The smear of failure

So today´s effort didn´t exactly go as planned. This one was supposed to picture a colorful drive through a forest road, with leafs beaming over bathed in the colors of fall. It all looked great in my head, so I had high expectations for the outcome.

20161008_160556_1475935876364After throwing away the first canvas in about 20 minutes, ruined by unfocused and rushed work, I did the same mistakes all over again. I didn´t take the time to plan out how it should look, how the proportions should be, or how the colors would be mixed together. Just went straight on painting, based on a vague hunch from a vast picture in my head. Inpatient and restless. Just trying to get it done in the time I had.

I´ve already learned the hard way that this is a terrible way of doing it, so, not surprisingly, I had to learn it the hard way all over again.

When it didn´t turn out the way I planned at all, I got so frustrated that I ended up smearing my palette over the whole thing in a light rampage.

So I guess this one goes into the books titled “Paint palette smeared on canvas because the whole thing went to shit”. Kind of catchy, or maybe not..

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