Day at the lake

In an attempt to try out some keep-it-simple-paintings, using the basic nature to fill out the frame, I decided to paint a lakeside view.

20161004_141829I thought it was great fun starting of with painting in some clouded skylines, using a light blue, monotonous backround as a starting point. Then use a Filbert-brush to stamp on the clouds. First a mix of white and black for the shadow part of the clouds, then a clear white on top to give it some volume.

For the bushes I used the same technique and the same brush as for painting in the clouds. First a dark mixture of black and green. Then a lighter mixture of green, black and yellow, and at last a final layer with a mix of yellow and green to top it off with some lighting.

I used the same colors to paint in the reflections of the bushes in the water, but with a more monotone blend to separate it from the real deal.

I struggled to make the clouds look nice on the water reflections though, so I´m a little disappointed with that, but all in all I guess it´s ok. There is a lack of details in the painting, but that was kind og what I was going for.

Maybe it´s a bit boring, but I kind of like it that simple. It was also painted with only one brush, so it was a quite fun experience. Maybe the next one need to be more lively!


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