Mountain clouds

2016-07-17 17.10.20In an attempt to get the most out of few colors (since im slowly running out of paint) I came up with the idea of painting some mountains seen from above. I´ve always painted mountains from an angle where you look up at them, but with this one I wanted to do it a bit different.

I´ve also started to use linen oil while painting, so putting in some clouds between the mountain tops also seemed like a good opportunity to practise making some other skylines then the regular blue ones. 2016-07-17 16.13.38

After painting in all the mountains and clouds, I thought it looked pretty good, but kind of dull. So i decided to put in something that stood out against all the black and white. The solution became one of my big fears: painting a person. I was almost certain that my lack of skills would ruin the whole thing, so I thought I might as well make it pop out with some red paint. It ended up beeing a really basic shape of a man, but I think the solution ended up beeing a good choice, seeing the end result.

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