Playing with depth

The plan was to paint a reef under clear water, playing with underwater shapes and colors. But as the painting progressed I realized that this one would not have a good enough technique nor detail level that this kind of painting needs. It´s also really challenging mixing up the paint the right way, so i definitely need to keep practising on that.


As a solution i started playing with breakings in the water, building in titanium white at the surface. The goal is still to be able to make a clear water reef-painting, but as i went along I noticed that the breakings in the water was actually helping me visualize the depth of the ocean (and covering up some weak spots), making it a fun way to kind of polish the whole painting off in the end. I also played around with the brush, putting in some rock formations under water and some light shading.

All in all i feel that the result was pretty good. I always aim high when starting a painting, not realizing my limitations. The result was not in any way as good as it was in my head beforehand, but looking at the finished product, i´m quite pleased. I still have a long way to go, but this is another step on getting there.

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