The process

After a bad series of paintings lately, I feel that i´m finally back on track in the sense of seeing some improvement. I have often, recently, regretted not taking pictures during the process though, because I often feel that the paintings looked better before I did the last finishing touches to them. It would then be great to have a photo to look back on when the depression sets in.

Step 1

Anyway, thats why I decided to take some photos from each phase of the painting process during the four hours I used completing one today. That way I had pictures to look back on if something went wrong, but I also got the opportunity to write a step-by-step-post showing how the painting came together. Which I think is cool. The painting is based on a tutorial from the book The Art of Painting Landscapes, Seascapes and Skyscapes in Oil & Acrylic . This is how it went:

Step 1:

As you can see on the picture to the right, I started out painting the contours of some rocks and mountains along the coast line. Without going into the specific colors, having now stuffed all my equipment away, i used a mix of black, blue, green, red and white for the rocks. I also painted in the dark spots of the ocean, which I gradually finish a long the way. Here I used a blend of blue, black, green and white, with emphasis on blue. Painting seperate parts of the painting this way also makes room on the palette ro mix out a good amount of paint.

Step 2:

Step 2

By blending out the sea colors in different ways, I finished the sealine part of the picture by painting various mixes of the sea colors in on small parts of the canvas, with an emphasis on the use of white and green. I also made a skyline using green, blue and white, with clouds on it, which is a blend of white and yellow. I also painted in a wall of clouds on the breaking point of the horizon. At last I used a fluffy brush to kind of soften out the clouds.

Step 3:

Time to finish of the sealine and rocks, and put in some waves and foam to make things come a little more alive. By using a mix of blue, white and green, I painted in the shallow water around the rocks, which often looks a bit light green.

Step 3

By using a mix of white and yellow, I also put in some foam where the waves crash against the rocks. Topping it off with some pure white, just pushing it on the canvas with the brush.I also wanted to make some contours on the rocks themselves. So with a mix of black (small amount), blue, yellow, red, and some gold yellow ochre, I finished of what I believe became some more lively rocks.

I hope someone got some joy out of this post. I had a lot of fun painting it at least. And I think the result was something to be pleased with.



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