Back to basics

After throwing several of my recent paintings straight in the garbage, being so bad that I actually got depressed looking at them, I finally made a painting worth showing people. It´s not a perfect painting, but in contrast with my recent tries, I´m really happy with it.

I used a fair amount of time on it, i guess about four hours. By then i felt it was time to start dinner and do some housework, so I decided the painting was done as it was. If I was to keep going, I would have made some more details on the rocks, and made the bottom line of the beach less oval. Having as mentioned had bad sessions several times making my last paintings though, I was a little afraid of ruining it. I needed it to look OK this time.


I guess the biggest difference between this session and my last ones, was that i had a form of inspiration this time. Whilst in the recent tries, I´ve not really had a plan when I startet out painting other than that “I would like to paint something with trees, or a mountain..”, wich I think has caused these uninspired sessions when the painting never really looks promising during the process. The most inspiring feeling, on the other hand, is to be satisfied with the way it´s turning out as you go. As I was with this one.

I bought the book The Art of Painting Landscapes, Seascapes and Skyscapes in Oil & Acrylic recently. And used a concrete example painting from the book as inspiration. The book also helps you with mixing out the colors the right way, which i must admit I have been a little lazy with in the past. You also learn a lot using the directions and tips presented. It´s the only book i´ve tried about painting, but I think it was excellent. A nice blend between step-by-step guides, without overexplaining it. It really helped me out.

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