Total failure

After starting up painting again, being back from a longer vacation, I felt that my first painting ended up pretty decent (ref. last post). The second try however, must be one of the greatest collisions of color and smudging of paint I have ever made.


The idea was to make a sunset (finger)painting, with nice, colorful water and a nice sailboat crossing over it. Separated by a dark, sharp mountain line. After making the skyline, I thought it would work out ok, but disaster struck instantly as my motivation and consentration for the day startet to decline.

In an attempt to make a nice painting in less time (to get a snack and head out), I started out by making a half-assed mountain line and a even more half-assed sun. Seeing how awful it was, I kind of panicked a bit. The solution for the problem ended up being smudging random color over the the sea section of the canvas, hoping it would turn out as a magical seascape…

As it turned out, it didn´t. A thick, smudged, puke colored sea slowly filled up the canvas, and as my panic increased, I just kept going. Being all done, looking down on this horrible sight, I was very close to instantly throw the whole thing in the trash. I was able to hold back the urge though, and the canvas is now hidden in a corner of the room as an «unfinished object», (maybe as a warning for future sessions) that may be able to improve (although i doubt it) when the paint dries.

It is extremely frustrating ruining hours of work because of a lack of consentration or motivation. It just feels like a waste of time and paint afterwards. I guess this is another lesson to learn about quitting in time, being able to pick the painting up again when the concentration is back.

I think my next painting will be better though, having learned this lesson, again.

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