Finger painting

So I guess my first real post on this blog will be about using your fingers instead of a brush when doing oil paintings. After a lot of video tutorials on Youtube, learning different techniques, I got the idea of trying to apply the paint on the canvas using just my own hands. And as it turned out, it worked much better than I expected.

By working in one color at the time, dragging the paint from one side of the canvas to the other in a horizontal line, I was able to make a quite decent and colorful skyline. Especially when the different colors intertwine, and the results just kind of appear in front of you as you go.

When you have laid down the groundwork, it´s time to pick up a brush and spatula and make some more details in your painting. In this case some pretty basic mountains, trees and silhouettes, wich is easier to paint because of their small requirements of details.

I hope this tip could be helpful to someone. At least it broadended my horizen a bit.

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